Does Everyone Need an ETA to Visit Canada?

From deep lakes and vast forests to high mountains and glaciers, Canada is filled with breathtaking natural wonders that you should visit at least once in your lifetime. It is also home to cosmopolitan cities that are generally safe and friendly. You can use an ETA or an Electronic Travel Authorization for visa-exempt travel to Canada. But, check out this list for chances that you might not even need it to book that trip!


People Exempt from Applying for an ETA

If you belong to these said groups, you are exempt from visas and applying for travel authorizations:

  1. Citizens or dual-citizens of Canada
  2. Permanent residents of Canada
  3. The Queen of Canada and all the members of the Royal Family


Foreigners Who Can Be Exempt from Applying for an ETA

This is the current list of exemptions as provided by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada or IRCC.

  • Visitors who plan to enter Canada by rail, sea or road.
  • Citizens of the United States of America
  • Citizens of France who reside in St. Pierre and Miquelon and will visit Canada from there.
  • Foreigners who are airplane passengers with their flight stopping in Canada for the purpose of refueling. They must have documentation that their destination is the United States, or the plane came from the said country.
  • Flight passengers whose journey met an emergency circumstance and suddenly made an unscheduled stop to Canada.
  • Bearers of a passport with diplomatic, consular or official acceptance approved by Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade.
  • Diplomats, consular officers and representatives of countries belonging to the United Nations and other international organizations that Canada is affiliated with.
  • Foreigners who are crew members of air transportation and will be departing within 24 hours.
  • Active and official members of the Armed Forces of a foreign country whose visit is sanctioned and is following the Visiting Forces Act.
  • Accredited representatives and advisers to accidents related to aviation under the Canadian Transportation Accident Investigation and Safety Board Act.


Not Part of the List?

If you do not belong to the above mentioned groups, no worries, you can still go on your trip. You only need a valid passport, an email address, and your credit or debit card to get an ETA to Canada. Apply now and start planning that adventure!


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4 Reasons to Visit Oman With Your Family

Middle Eastern countries are some of the more arid places on Earth, but they aren’t without their charm. All sorts of hidden gems scattered around the Sultanate of Oman and this article outlines four reasons to acquire an visa Oman and visit the place.


Take in The Sights

Oman has some of the most diverse sceneries in the world. Most of it is covered in deserts and dunes offering wondrous sunsets, but the sultanate is not all sand.

Great pieces of architecture and history, such as the Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque and the Nizwa fort, are some of their most recognizable buildings. Four UNESCO World Heritage sites capture the beauty of times long past. Oman’s mountains and canyons are stunning works of nature.

In addition to the natural beauty, all stores in Oman close early, providing ample time for tourists for a little relaxation below the serene evening night sky.


Eat Up the Food

Omanis love their rice and their national food, slow-cooked meat over spiced rice called shuwa, is a must try.  Omanis give traditional coffee and dates to tourists as a sign of hospitality.

In tandem with their delicious food is the fragrance of frankincense. Omanis believe that its scent purifies diseases. Breathing in incense while dining on food is one rare luxury that is standard in Oman.


Enjoy the Accommodations

Oman has excellent accommodations, both if you want to stay inside rooms or commune outside with nature. There is a five-star hotel with an infinity pool and spa. There are many beach resorts and numerous boutique hotels. Bolder families may opt-in for camping on the vast desert plains under the night sky.


Feel Safe and Secure

Omanis are one of the kindest people in the world. They are all smiles and pride themselves on hospitality. And because of this, Oman is one of the most peaceful and stable middle eastern countries. There are a whole host of things families can enjoy together, such as camel-riding or snorkeling.

Oman trips require an Oman visum, but it is one well worth the hassle. With its perfect blend of scenery, architecture, and people, Oman is a trip to remember.


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