New Zealand’s ESTA-Style Visa Waiver Rolls Out for Visitors

Obtaining an Electronic Travel Authority or ETA is one of the requirements for most international visitors going to New Zealand. It will be necessary for visa waiver countries starting on October 1, 2019, and applications opened on July 1, 2019. Here’s what you need to learn with the roll-out.


Australian Citizens and Permanent Residents of Australia

Because of the strong relations of the two nations, Australian citizens who hold an Australian passport going to New Zealand will not need an ETA. It is different though for those who are permanent residents of Australia who are not a citizen, which means, hold another nation’s passport will need to get an ETA. It goes the same for those who are from visa-waiver countries like the UK, the United States, and Canada.

Most travelers that are applying for the New Zealand travel visa will need to pay for the Tourism Levy and International Visitor Conservation as part of the application. Australian permanent residents though, will not pay for these extra fees.


New Zealand ETA and Tourism Levy Fees

The fee for getting an ETA is at 9NZD if you complete it using a mobile app and 12NZD if you accomplish it online. It has a validity of two years or until the passport’s expiration. It will also grant you multiple entries to the country, whether it is for vacation or business.

The good thing with the ETA is that there is no need for you to re-apply every time you visit the country. For those passengers in international transport will still need to obtain an ETA even if they don’t cross the border of New Zealand.

You will also have to pay a separate amount of 35NZD for the Tourism Levy and the International Visitor Conservation, which you will need to add together with the ETA application fee giving you a total cost of 47NZD online and 44NZD thru the mobile app. There is no need to pay for these extra fees not until your next ETA application.


Why Is NZ Introducing the ETA and IVL

For those visitors who are not under New Zealand travel visa or those who are on visa-waiver agreements, ETA can help the immigration officers to screen the travelers for immigration and border risks.

In regards to the costly Tourism Levy and International Visitor Conservation, the government says that it will contribute to the infrastructures that they will use to protect and conserve the natural environment that they will love.

Top 4 Must-Visit Resort Hotels in New Zealand

If you’re a beach bum looking for a new sunny and sandy destination, add New Zealand to your travel bucket list. It has beautiful blue waters and sparkling sands where you can sunbathe, surf, and swim to your heart’s content. But, before you get your visa New Zealand, check out these luxury resort hotels you consider for the accommodations on your visit.


  1. Paihia Beach Resort and Spa

Considered one of New Zealand’s best, this resort is overlooking Paihia Beach and give you the relaxation and serenity you are looking for. They have an on-site spa, La Spa Naturale, for your beauty therapy and massage needs. You can stay in spacious ocean-view guest rooms with flat-screen TVs, unlimited WiFi, air conditioning, and make the most of the view with the private patios. You can also enjoy a dip in their saltwater pool.


  1. The Lodge at Kauri Cliffs

Located in the Bay of Islands, The Lodge is set over 6,000 acres near Matauri Bay. It’s one of New Zealand’s 5-star properties so expect a magnificent location with top-notch services. You will enjoy unparalleled views of the Pacific Ocean and their golf course. The hotel has 22 rooms with beautiful dining rooms, living rooms, with outdoor fireplaces and mesmerizing views. You can enjoy swimming on the private beach or the infinity pool, or do some birdwatching, fishing, tennis, horse riding, and biking.


  1. Punakaiki Resort

This resort conveniently located 2 minutes away from Punakaiki Beach is situated in Paparoa National Park and very near to Pancake Rocks and Blowholes. Staying in Punakaiki Resort will bring to experience an environmentally friendly accommodation with ocean and forest views. Guests will be able to enjoy coffee makers, refrigerators, satellite TV, and free WiFi during their stay. You can also arrange for kayaking, horse trekking, and guided mountain walks.


  1. Beachside Resort Whitianga

You can enjoy a contemporary style accommodation through the affordable offerings of Beachside Resort Whitianga. With self-catering apartments, private balconies, and equipped kitchenettes, you need not spend too much to make the most out of your vacation. The resort is equipped with facilities like a heated swimming pool, tennis court, and a children’s playground. You can also visit nearby attractions like Hot Water Beach, Cathedral Cove, and Lost Springs.

These are just some of the best places to stay in when you visit this beautiful country. Hurry and get an ETA or visa New Zealand now, so that you can plan for your new adventure.

A Walkthrough Online Application For Etias Visa For Peruvian Citizens

ETIAS is the online automated system for getting a European visa. The ETIAS travel permit has a limit of 90 days. Since 2018, the European Parliament has approved the ETIAS control system in order to serve foreign applicants who want to visit the Schengen area, which includes a large number of European countries. Here is a walkthrough of the online application for your ETIAS visa.


Know the Need for ETIAS

You need ETIAS because it’s what Europe requires all its foreigner visa holders. Peruvian citizens must know that they can’t gain any access to any member country of the Schengen Zone without an ETIAS visa. The ETIAS authorization is a process approved by European authorities to regulate all visa applications.


Get on Your ETIAS Authorization

The most important thing you’ll need before your ETIAS authorization process is to prepare your valid Peruvian passport. Then, know the exact site from which you should conduct the ETIAS authorization procedure. You should fill in the form with your name, surname, place of birth, and birth date. This will the online process take around 20 minutes of your time. However, prepare all your answers beforehand.


Inputting All Additional Data

When you’ve entered your personal details for the ETIAS authorization process, what you should do next is to enter the additional information. You’ll enter your exact email address and some pertinent details contained in your Peruvian passport. You’ll also need some summary of your past work and training. They’ll also ask you about your criminal record, health status, and travel circumstances. Always tell the truth before they’ll have a chance to reject your application.


Payment of the Fee and Verification

As soon as you complete the application, make the non-refundable fee for the processing of your visa. You can use a valid debit or credit card to complete this transaction. Verification takes a few minutes. If they approve your application, you’ll get the authorization online through your email. If they reject it, then you’ll have to undergo a manual process to complete it.


Some Final Words

The hardest challenge you’ll have to face with your application is when it gets rejected. If they deny it, then you can reapply later. They’ll give you the reason for the denial anyway. You can appeal the decision. In that case, you might be asked to submit a written explanation or a reference to a lawyer. The most important thing is that you enter your personal details correctly.