4 Must-Visit Mountains In New Zealand

There is no doubt that New Zealand’s homes some of the world’s most fascinating mountain peaks. If you’re fond of hiking, get that New Zealand eta right away and reach new heights. Then, witness picturesque mountain views you’ve only seen before on postcards. To help you start, here are the must-visit mountains in New Zealand.

Mount Taranaki

Mount Taranaki is popular among visitors due to it being one of the most symmetrical volcanoes in the world. The cone is picture-perfect that makes most tourists wonder if it’s real. For the Maori people, however, Taranaki is not just a volcano but their ancestor. With that, the highest point of the mountain is prohibited for hikers out of respect to the Maoris.

Mount Cook

Standing 3,724 meters above sea level, Mount Cook is the country’s highest mountain. It is so impressive that different hikes and trails are available, each showing a distinct viewpoint. The mountain lies with Mt. Cook National Park. Make sure to spend a night or two and explore Mt. Cook Village or visit Tasman Lake and Tasman Glacier for added sights.

Mitre Peak

Mitre Peak is arguably the most unique mountain the country has to offer – thanks to its distinct pointy peak that is so hard to miss. This 1,692-meter high peak exudes from the Fiordland National Park towards the Tasman Sea. However, only experienced climbers usually make it to the top, but witnessing its unique and stunning form from a boat cruise is surely enough!

Mount Ngauruhoe

Mount Ngauruhoe is more popularly known as Mount Doom, after it became one of the locations of the Lord of the Rings flick. Now, it serves as the most famous day hikes among climbers. However, if you’re not fond of hiking, don’t fret! Jump on a flight or take a boat cruise and behold the scenic view the mountain has to offer!

That is only a few of the number of picturesque mountains you can find in the country. Get that New Zealand eta right away and witness the beauty it has to offer!